Photo Credit: Benjamin Gottlieb

Growing beef trade hits India's sacred cow

BY : Arezou Rezvani, Benjamin
Gottlieb and Elise Hennigan

As India continues its struggle for economic and political dominance in South Asia, there is concern that Hindu-mandated bans on beef could hamper the industry's future growth.


Photo Credit: Dan Carino

Tibet's Sacrifice: Exiled Lives

BY : Dan Carino

MULTIMEDIA: A comic strip that takes a tragic look at self-immolation and the Tibetan situation as seen through the eyes of an activist, who was arrested for attempting to self-immolate, and Tibetan refugees living in a settlement.

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Photo Credit: Jason Kehe

India's feisty – and effective – environmental champion

BY : Jason Kehe

Sunita Narain has learned that being an environmentalist in India means being an advocate for the poor – and for immediate action. One must also believe that sustainable development is possible, with the right kind of preparation.

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Photo Credit: Benjamin Gottlieb

As adoption demands grow, Indian families look beyond castes, religion

BY : Benjamin Gottlieb and Emily Frost

In a Hindu society, where one’s social designation and caste are vitally important, “borrowing” a child from one’s relatives guarantees the parents knowing the child's origins. But now, the trend is quickly becoming to look outside extended family for adoption.

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